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By David W. Latko



In The America Of 2019...
Life Is A Waking Nightmare
Of The American Dream.


For the McKinnon family in 2019, life is a bleak shadow of America’s past glory—an unkept promise filled with widespread want and unmet needs.

2019: Dystopia USA is the story of how we travelled from here... to there.

And what we can do today to prevent it.

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The Story...

2019: Dystopia USA is the story of America's all-too-possible future, a fact-based projection ripped from today's headlines. It is a chronicle... a 'history' of national economic decline and personal hardship vividly illustrated through a day-in-the-life of an American family.

As such, it is both a cautionary tale and a compelling fictional narrative... one that should be read by every American, regardless of political or ideological orientation.

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In 2019, life is indeed perilous for Jason and Jennifer McKinnon. As middle-class professionals in the once-tidy Chicago suburb of Willowhaven, Illinois, they face the daily uncertainities of a long-lingering economic malaise– compounded by their concerns for Bradley and Kate, their teenaged children.

It is a long way from the life they lived, and expected for their children, in the times now referred to as "Back In The Day": a time of plentiful employment, full larders and a home of their own...

But that was then; this is... 2019.

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David W. Latko is the author of two previous works of financial non-fiction, Financial Strategies For Today’s Widow (Simon & Schuster) and Everybody Wants Your Money (HarperCollins). For both books, he drew upon a career as the founder and president of Latko Wealth Management, a firm he has headed for three decades, with more than $100 million under his management.

David is a nationally broadcast talk-radio host and a frequent guest on TV and radio in his field of financial expertise. He divides his time between the Chicago area and Scottsdale, Arizona.

2019: Dystopia USA is his debut novel.

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But 2019: Dystopia USA is not his first effort in predicting the future.

To see (and more importantly, listen to) the on-air debate between David and "Automatic Millionaire" author David Bach, visit YouTube by clicking HERE.

In the interview, note how Latko foresaw the housing crash, the mortgage crisis, and the multi-faceted dangers of the home-financing markets...three years before the crash happened.

(To read an excerpt from 2019: Dystopia USA click HERE)


Available In Hardcover or as downloadable e-book

"This book graphically shows where the U.S. can end up if it continually takes the socialist road— but it is NOT inevitable if we the people rise up and say 'NO!'"

Steve Forbes, publisher of Forbes Magazine, FREEDOMWORKS board vice chairman and two-time candidate for the GOP nomination for U.S. President